Parking Lot Paving

job pictures 1565A poorly maintained parking lot can be hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles. Potholes, cracks, and other hazards can cause accidents and injuries, making it harder for customers to park and access the business. To avoid these problems, New York business owners may require the services of a professional concrete and asphalt paving company like Stasi Brothers. With their expertise, local business owners can ensure their commercial pavement is safe, functional, ADA-compliant, and visually appealing.

What NY Businesses Need From Their Parking Lot Paving Services

Several essential aspects result in commercial pavement that is visually appealing and built to last.

  • Quality Site Preparation

    To install perfect asphalt, your commercial paving contractor must clear the land, grade the area to be paved, and possibly demolish any construction. Seamless integration with existing pavement and proper drainage to prevent water buildup are vital to creating pavement that will remain durable for years.

  • Detailed Asphalt Installation

    A key feature of quality commercial parking lot paving is the meticulous attention to detail during the paving process. First, your paving contractor should install a stable aggregate base for the pavement. Next, expert workers use specialized equipment to create a level surface with clean edges while the asphalt is hot. This level of detail ensures that your commercial asphalt looks great and is built to withstand the test of time.

  • Professional Finishing Services

    Parking lot finishing services are the final touches that can significantly affect a commercial pavement’s overall appearance and durability. These services may include line striping, pavement marking, and sealcoating. Signage about where to park and where handicapped spaces are located can also be provided by your paving company. By investing in professional parking lot finishing services, businesses can make a positive first impression on customers and visitors.

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Don’t let poorly maintained pavement hurt your business’s reputation. At Stasi Brothers, we understand that your parking lot is often customers’ first impression of your business. That’s why we use only the best materials and techniques to ensure your pavement looks great and functions flawlessly for years. We’re also known as the trusted concrete installers in Long Island, so we can provide you have beautiful curbs, aprons, bumpers, and bollards.

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