In Memoriam Saverio

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10/31/1935 – 3/8/2021


Durazzano Italy – Westbury, NY

Saverio Stasi was born in Italy on October 31, 1935. He was raised in the quaint village of Durazzano where he grew up working on the farm and spending much time on the countryside with his parents and grandparents. Due to a tragic landmine accident, Saverio lost his father when he was just 9 years old which forced him to grow up quickly and help his mother, Giacomina, take care of his six other siblings. That was his first brush with the calamities of life and caused him to become wise beyond his years very early on. Saverio was always so appreciative of his mother, who raised all seven children on her own in a time of war and despair. Even in his last days he would talk about how proud he was of his mother and sisters, who all grew up to be good, honest, and hard-working people with a strong Christian faith.

He married his wife Francesca in 1961 and life eventually brought them to the United States. They settled in Westbury where they raised his three beautiful children Luigi, Jackie and Christopher (AKA Joe). Although he didn’t speak any English, his strength and determination led him to the opportunity of becoming a mason. Saverio, his brother Cresenzo, and his brother-in-law Francesco teamed up to start a masonry company and named it Stasi Brothers. Competition was fierce, but their attention to detail and great work ethic put their company above the rest. As circumstances changed over the years, Saverio incorporated his sons, Luigi and Chris, into the family business. He was a firm believer in involving his children as young as possible so that the trade would become second nature to them. As a strict disciplinarian, Saverio expected a lot from all of his children but, in return, he also provided them with all of the support and guidance they needed to be successful. His goal was to implement them with the foundation necessary to be prosperous and self-sufficient in all aspects of life, so he would not have to worry about them as adults. Which was, what he believed, his greatest success of all.

In later years, Saverio and Francesca spent more and more time in their beloved home in Durazzano that they had built many years ago. It was there where he spent his last years connecting back to his roots, honoring his faith, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying nature. Some of his happiest days were spent on the properties handed down from the generations before him. He enjoyed gardening and even cultivated olive trees on some of the properties that were passed on. Saverio took great pride in his gardening skills and would welcome all visitors to tour and take photos of everything he planted. He was very particular on how they were tended to because of the connection it had to his parents and grandparents.

Saverio was a man with great integrity and honor and was well respected amongst his peers. Many have sought after his counsel and advice in all areas of life, whether it was business advice or how to choose a lifetime partner. Many people, from both countries, have reached out with wonderful memories of their time with him. Affectionately known as “Mr. Sam”, he was known to be a wonderful story teller and would effortlessly grasp the attention of his listeners. People loved listening to him so much that crowds would gather around him to listen to his stories about not only his life, but even stories passed down through generations. He enjoyed telling his tales just as much as they enjoyed listening to him. Saverio was loved and honored by all who met him and he will be fondly remembered not only in our memories, but in all the lessons he taught to all who knew him.

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