Parking Lot Striping

GettyImages 806086044Property owners may not notice, but the pavement markings on their parking lot are important. Faded lines are dangerous, but your trusted local paving contractor is here to help.

Stasi Brothers provides expert striping services to ensure safe and organized parking that complies with ADA requirements. Our attention to detail, quality materials, and expertise will give your business a professional look and enhance your property’s appearance. Contact us now to make your commercial pavement visually appealing, ADA-compliant, and safe!

Essential Steps for Parking Lot Striping by Stasi Brothers

  • Recognizing the Need for Pavement Painting

    Faint or unclear lines can make it hard for first-time visitors to park safely. So the next time you drive on your property, look at your traffic paint with fresh eyes and ask yourself these questions:

    • Are the parking lines and traffic lanes visible?
    • Are all the lines visible when you park your vehicle?
    • Are the accessible spaces clearly marked?
    • Can you read the text on your curbs or asphalt?
    • If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to call Stasi Brothers for a pavement inspection.
  • The Process of Parking Lot Line Striping

    • Assessment: Before starting the restoration process, the contractor will evaluate the parking lot’s condition to identify any necessary repairs or preparation work required.
    • Design: After the assessment, the contractor will develop a layout for the traffic lines based on the property’s size, traffic flow, and parking requirements.
    • Asphalt preparation: The contractor will prepare the surface for striping by cleaning it, sweeping or blowing debris, and drying it to ensure the paint adheres properly.
    • Line Striping: The contractor will use specialized paving equipment to apply paint or thermoplastic materials to create the lines and markings on the asphalt surface.
    • Curing: After application, the paint or thermoplastic materials require drying time. Depending on weather conditions, the duration can vary from several hours to more.

Contact Stasi Brothers now to enhance your worn parking lot with fresh line striping!

Attention Long Island business owners! Keep your parking lot safe and organized with Stasi Brothers’ professional line striping services. Our experienced team will ensure that your parking lot is adequately marked, making it easier for customers to navigate and park safely.

Do you want a beautiful, easy-to-navigate asphalt lot that attracts customers? Contact us now!

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