Brick Paver Design Details

  1. Shapes – The brick paver industry has gone a long way and there are now many shapes to choose from.
  2. Colors – The variety of colors available now are incredible. You can choose any family of colors and find many that you would love. It is nice to get an idea from our website or catalogs but depending on lighting, angles and the printing process or screen you are viewing, many colors can look different in person. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a private 4000 square foot outdoor display to see all different colors in person before you make this decision.
  3. Layout – Depending on the shape you can lay brick pavers in a few different patterns.
  4. Textures – Pavers now come textured and smooth. Some textures are rough of have other elements to give it the appearance or natural stone. The smooth pavers tend to give you a more clean and modern look, especially on the large sizes.
  5. Borders – This is probably one of the most important parts of the design. While you can have no border, most projects look much nicer with a finished edge. Choose from different color or more complex like a double or triple border.
  6. Extras – You can add circles, fans, scallops or even custom pictures / medallions in your patio or driveway.
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