sidewalks 01At Stasi Brothers, we are committed to providing our clients excellent value for money and offer custom sidewalk design and build services. As a family-owned & operated business based in Westbury, we know the importance of personalization in every project we handle. With 58 solid years of experience behind us, there is no hardscaping job we cannot handle.

We offer the best sidewalk construction solutions, so you have functional and attractive outdoor spaces on your property. Whether you want a new concrete or asphalt sidewalk installed, we are the company that can help.

Our team has worked on many similar projects and knows the process like the back of our hand. We use the latest tools and technology in our work and make sure that the asphalt installation is in line with current industry standards. Some clients prefer concrete sidewalks, and we handle those projects too.

Asphalt Sidewalk Installation Process

  • Saw Cutting – Our team saw cuts the surface to first remove the existing material like asphalt/concrete from your old sidewalk. The technicians make sure that they dig till the appropriate depth and does not damage any of the surrounding areas.
  • Stone Blend RCA – Recycled concrete aggregate is a combination of fine screened asphalt, stone and crushed concrete, and the thickness we install it to is around 1 ½”. The mixture becomes the asphalt pavement foundation. We compress the material to about 95 percent of its density and lock it in place well using a 3 to 5-ton roller. The RCA mix is placed on a prepped subgrade that we spread evenly before the compaction.

We use sidewalk asphalt materials approved by NY State DOT, and you can choose from, AC Smooth Finish, ¼ stone, 1-A Binder= Road base mix or 1-A Top= Smooth finish, ½ stone depending on the texture you want.

Why Opt For a Commercial Asphalt Sidewalk?

Asphalt pavements are incredibly durable while being relatively low maintenance. Some property owners wonder whether this material will look appealing and is the right choice for their property. But there are many reasons to install asphalt sidewalks such as:

  • It can have the texture and color you prefer to complement your outdoor spaces and other masonry features.
  • The material is easy to maintain.
  • It requires sealing only once every 3-5 years.
  • A correctly installed asphalt sidewalk will last for decades with minimal maintenance.
  • If any minor repairs are needed, that is extremely easy.
  • Asphalt is a highly eco-friendly sidewalk material.


Concrete Sidewalk Installation

If you prefer commercial concrete sidewalks, we offer excellent solutions to our clients. We deliver this material straight to the site in a Ready-Mix Truck. You can be sure that the concrete flatwork will be consistent in texture, color, and quality. Depending on your project requirements and personal preferences, we offer concrete sidewalk staining, coloring, and stamping services, to give them the appearance you desire.

For any more information regarding our sidewalk installation services, feel free to contact Stasi Brothers at either of these numbers- 631-ASPHALT (277-4258), 516-997-PAVE (7283), (516) 334-1229, (516) 997-1988. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your project details, and one of our expert team members will contact you shortly for further discussions.

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