Asphalt Repair

GettyImages 147044248Is your asphalt dry, cracked, or has potholes? Please don’t wait for it to get worse! Call Stasi Brothers paving company today!

Stasi Brothers: Asphalt Repair Services that Target Damage

Our team of experts will ensure that your pavement is restored to its optimal condition, making your property safer and more visually appealing. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we’re the top choice for professional asphalt repair services in Long Island.

  • Problem: Pavement Oxidation. Solution: Sealcoating Services

    The dark black color of fresh asphalt is due to bitumen, a tar-like substance that acts as a binder to hold the aggregates together. However, with prolonged exposure to sunlight, the bitumen evaporates slowly, leaving behind the aggregates and causing the pavement to lose its color and become brittle. This is the process called oxidation.

    To restore your asphalt’s appearance and protect it from further deterioration, consider sealcoating. Applying a fresh coat of sealer restores the pavement’s beauty and creates a protective barrier against the elements.

  • Problem: Cracks & Surface Damage. Solution: Crack Filling & Patching

    Moisture, whether from rain, snow, drainage runoffs, or spills, is the primary culprit behind pavement cracks and potholes. When unsealed asphalt is exposed to moisture, it seeps beneath the surface and becomes trapped. During winter, this trapped moisture freezes and expands, causing the foundation to weaken and the surface to split.

    The solution to this problem is to repair cracks and minor potholes promptly. Crack repair is performed by cleaning or heating cracks and then sealing them with a special crack-filling compound. Potholes are repaired by a similar filling technique or by saw-cutting and patching. By doing so, you can prevent the damage from spreading and extend the life of your asphalt.

  • Problem: Old & Crumbling Pavement. Solution: Resurfacing.

    As pavement ages and loses flexibility, it becomes brittle and more susceptible to damage. Instead of flexing, the surface develops cracks and splits, allowing more moisture to penetrate the foundation and cause further damage.

    The solution for prolonged damage or aged pavement is to resurface it. Paving contractors use milling machines to remove the damaged surface and apply a new asphalt layer. This gives your parking lot or driveway new life.

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