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clients we service 01At Stasi Brothers, we are committed to providing our residential, commercial, and industrial clients excellent value for money. Our company is skilled and qualified to handle all manner of landscape design, planning, and construction jobs. Our focus is on customization and personalization; these are some of the things that distinguish us from other operators in this space. We offer start-to-end consultation, conceptualization, planning, and design of hardscaping and asphalt installations.

Our skills also lie in project management during hardscape installations on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Every aspect of the asphalting or landscaping project is handled in line with local codes and existing quality standards, so you have resilient, stable, and long-lasting outdoor spaces that serve your purpose well. Here is a look at the variety of services we offer:

Condominium Complexes

Condominium complexes have several landscape features like gardens, hardscape installations, lawns, patios, decks etc. Installing these elements requires careful planning and implementation because poor quality installations will only affect the property’s value and appeal. We know that condominium owners want to attract tenants and new buyers and need aesthetically pleasing exterior spaces that can endure exposure to the elements. We offer custom hardscaping services for condominium complexes. The team can handle hardscaping, asphalt paving, walls, and concrete flatwork, retaining walls, and more. We use the best quality materials and products in our work, so you have resilient and long-lasting features in the outdoor spaces of your commercial or industrial property. Read More About Condominium Complexes >>

Retail Shopping Centers

Retail shopping centers require specific kinds of landscaping. It is necessary to make sure that all the outdoor structures can handle higher traffic. We offer high-quality hardscaping solutions and tackle everything from excavation and grading to asphalt walkway installation. If you need parking lots, we can design and install those for you. Our team of experts has worked with various retail shopping center clients and knows how to handle the jobs well. Our expertise in the hardscaping space is unparalleled, and we offer high-quality retail shopping center solutions creating the best hardscaping features for our clients. Read More About Retail Shopping Centers >>

New Construction

You need the expertise that we bring to the table when it comes to the construction of new landscapes and hardscapes. As a company that has been in this industry for many years, we have the capacity, skills, knowledge, and resources needed to handle all new construction projects for our clients. We can plan and designed landscapes and hardscapes from the ground up so that you have resilient and long-lasting outdoor spaces that will add to the value of your commercial or residential property. We work with our clients and ensure that they get customized services so that the new construction work is completed in line with their requirements. Read More About New Construction >>

Places of Worship

Places of worship have precise requirements when it comes to their landscaping. They need these areas to be serene and beautiful while complementing the structure that stands on the property. As a company that has extensive experience in the hardscaping industry, we take the time and trouble to provide our clients with solutions that will meet the needs of their places of worship. If there are any specific design themes or concepts, they want us to follow, we are happy to cater to those requirements. Our focus on customization and a personalized approach go a long way in ensuring that you get the types of hardscapes for places of worship that you want. Read More About Places of Worship >>


We offer high quality, cost-effective hardscaping solutions for government clients. We know that there are budgeting restrictions and processes that need to be followed in this project. We have the experience, expertise, and skills to handle all types of government hardscaping projects for clients. We understand that many government properties are expansive, and sometimes they could be spread across multiple buildings. It also means that the outdoor spaces will need connecting driveways, sidewalks, and pathways. We have the tools, technology, and training to tackle these large-scale jobs to industry standards and the satisfaction of our clients. Read More About Government >>


Industrial properties are generally large; there could be office buildings as well as warehouses and manufacturing units, all on a single plot of land. When planning the hardscaping and landscaping for these properties, we make sure that all the structures and the outdoor features are in sync with each other. We also ensure that the elements are purposeful, and all the materials used in the installations are tough and hardy. Industrial spaces see a lot of foot and vehicular traffic, and we ensure the durability of the asphalt paving, concrete flatwork, paver installations, etc. Regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured that we will handle your industrial hardscaping project expertly. Read More About Industrial >>


As a company that has the expertise to tackle a range of hardscaping jobs, we also cater to the hospitality industry. We understand that hotels, resorts, spas, and other similar properties have needs for how they want their outdoor spaces designed and planned. We work very closely with our clients and make sure that their hospitality property has perfect hardscapes. If required, we also include various branding concepts and carry that same theme through in all the features we plan and design. While we do all of this, we work very closely with our clients and offer customized solutions at cost-effective pricing. This helps our clients get superb outdoor spaces that become the perfect backdrop for their buildings. Read More About Hospitality >>


Residential clients have quite different requirements from commercial and industrial ones. Not only do we cater to individual residential clients but also larger complexes. Our hardscaping services include everything from asphalt paving, concrete paving, concrete flatwork, retaining wall installation, and more. We understand that residential outdoor spaces must be designed in a specific way to be purposeful, aesthetically appealing as well as easy to maintain. When we are tackling these jobs, we pay attention to all these aspects, so you have outstanding hardscapes for residential spaces. While focusing on quality, we also maintain cost-effective pricing. Read More About Residential >>

We handle every project skillfully and professionally, ensuring that the hardscapes and landscapes are designed and built to meet client needs. Our expertise lies in providing high-grade, customized asphalt paving, and masonry services to all our clients. Whether you are a commercial, residential, or industrial client, we offer customized solutions and never compromise on quality. Our company is known for its integrity, honesty, and focus on providing the best services to clients. We work closely with you and prioritize your needs, ensuring you get a good return on investment.

For any more information or details regarding our commercial hardscaping and landscaping services, feel free to contact Stasi Brothers’ at any of these contact numbers- 631-ASPHALT (277-4258), 516-997-PAVE (7283), (516) 334-1229, (516) 997-1988. If you prefer, send us your queries through this Contact Us form and fill in all your project details. One of our expert team members will call you soon for more detailed discussions about your requirements.

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