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residential services 01Stasi Brothers is a renowned hardscaping company committed to providing residential clients excellent value for money. We offer custom hardscape design and installation services. As a family-owned & operated business based in Westbury, we know how to customize and personalize all our services for our local clients. With 58 years of experience behind us, we have the expertise, skills, resources, and knowledge to handle all manner of big and small residential hardscaping jobs expertly.

We offer the best hardscaping services, so you have attractive and usable outdoor spaces on your residential property. We use only the best materials, techniques, and latest technology so that your hardscaping project is completed efficiently and to your 100% satisfaction. Our experts work closely with you and keep your preferences and needs in view while planning your yard or garden spaces and the hardscaping elements in them. The range of services we offer include:


Almost every residential property will have a driveway, and it is one of the first things that people visiting your property notice. It is appearance, condition and styling that have an impact on the overall curb appeal of your property as well. We handle driveway installation for our residential clients and can use a variety of materials in this structure. Whether you need a concrete driveway installed or prefer paver units, we are the company that can help. We have the expertise and certification required to handle all of these jobs, and you can be sure that the project will be completed in line with industry standards, so you have an appealing and resilient driveway on your property. Read More About Driveways >>


A patio is an excellent addition to a residential yard. This structure expands the indoor spaces of your home and allows you to use the outdoor areas optimally. Whether you want a simple patio or prefer one with retaining walls and seating walls around it, we can help with the best solutions. Some clients opt for a patio with an outdoor kitchen installed on it, and we can handle this job to your requirements. We use high-grade paver stones in the installation. If you prefer a concrete patio, we can handle the task. Our team can stain, stamp, or color the concrete and create unique textures and designs on the surfaces so that you have a stunning patio on your property. Read More About Patios >>


Walkways are an essential feature of many residential properties. These structures need to be designed in line with the styling of your driveway & other structures in the landscaping. Our experts can design and install pavers or concrete walkways. We use the best grade materials in the construction of these features so that you get resilient outdoor spaces that also look amazing. Our team of experts has handled many walkway installations projects over the decades, and we can create unique and appealing features on your property. We handle walkway installation as part of new landscape planning as well as upgrade projects. Regardless of whether you want a single walkway installed or need multiple features, we can help. Read More About Walkways >>


Many landscapes require steps in different areas. For example, if you have a raised deck or patio or even a poolscape with multiple levels, you will need steps to navigate from one level to the next. We design and install different types of landscape steps based on your specific requirements. If you have a multileveled landscape or sloping areas in the outdoor spaces, we can create beautiful steps that blend in perfectly with the topography of the land. Our company focuses on using high-grade materials and installation techniques so that your steps look great, are easy to maintain and last for many years. You can opt for concrete steps that are stamped stained or textured based on your needs. We can also install paver steps for you. Read More About Steps >>

Retaining Walls

Many of our landscaping projects include retaining wall installation tasks as well. These specially engineered walls provide support to the landscape while preventing soil erosion. We use modular concrete masonry blocks, brick, or natural stone in the construction of these supporting walls. If you like, we can also design dual function walls; the walls could have planters or seating elements included in them. If you need a retaining wall on your residential property, our team is here to help you with all the information you need about the materials and their specifications. You can rest assured that our team will complete the job using the best materials and techniques. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Cultured Stone & Veneer

Natural stone has an underlying appeal, and different types of stones can be used in various features in landscaping elements. However, not every structure lends itself well to the use of natural stones because many of these are quite heavy. The installation is also quite difficult, making the overall project costlier than many others. However, if you like the look and appeal of natural stone, we can include cultured stone and veneers in the features that we design and install for you. These materials have the appearance of natural stone but are lighter and easier to install. Veneers are thin tiles of natural stone and can be affixed to various surfaces. Read More About Cultured Stone & Veneer >>

Outdoor Kitchens/BBQs/Bars

We offer high-quality outdoor kitchen installation services and can also design and install BBQs and bars in your yard spaces. We plan every aspect of your outdoor kitchen, including the countertop layout and space for various appliances. Our team of experts can install different types of paver stones on the flooring and will also include features such as seating walls and fire pits if you like. We make sure that the movement flow of your outdoor kitchen is perfect, and we use outdoor grade materials in the installation. The bars and BBQs that we design for you will also be in sync with the styling of your outdoor kitchen and the other features in that space. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens/BBQs/Bars >>

Fire Pits & Custom Masonry

Fire features are an excellent addition to any yard space. While some property owners prefer fireplaces, fire pits are also extremely popular. We handle every aspect of your fire pit design and installation to industry standards and use only outdoor grade materials in the construction of this feature. Our company also offers excellent custom masonry solutions. We can design and install various elements in your outdoor spaces, including garden benches, edging, curbing, as well as different types of walls and decorative features using high-grade masonry materials. We make sure that these structures are built to be sturdy and robust so that they can last for many years and enhance the value and appeal of your property. Read More About Fire Pits & Custom Masonry >>

We handle every single job skillfully and ensure that the elements designed are in sync with the other structures in the landscaping. We aim to create stunning and functional outdoor spaces that will increase the value and curb appeal of your property. For any more details or information regarding our residential hardscaping services, feel free to contact us at either of these numbers- 631-ASPHALT (277-4258), 516-997-PAVE (7283), (516) 334-1229, (516) 997-1988. You can alternatively use this Contact Us form to send the Stasi Brothers’ team your hardscaping project details, and one of us will contact you shortly for further discussions.

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