Masonry Services in Plainview, NY

masonry services plainview nj 01Your landscape is a mix of many different features such as plantings, trees, fire features, water features and more. While all of these add to the beauty of your landscape, the hardscaping or masonry installations are the foundation or base of the rest of the installations here.

No landscape can be complete without some or the other masonry installations. These elements provide support to the landscape and add to it integrity and longevity and it’s important that you get these installed from experts like us. We at Stasi Brothers, are a leading company in this field and from our base in Westbury; we cater to many customers in Plainview, NY, and surrounding areas.

Types of Yard Masonry Elements

We provide custom masonry installations and can design and install several different features such as:

  • Boundary Walls – Many people like to get a boundary wall built around their property. We can build the type of wall you want using materials such as concrete, aggregates, natural stone etc.
  • Concrete Driveways and Walkways – A concrete driveway is resilient and lasts for several years with the least amount of maintenance. We can also install concrete paver driveways and walkways.
  • Retaining Walls – These walls are specially engineered and custom-designed to provide support to the landscape. They also help prevent soil erosion and can have dual functionality when they are constructed with in-built seating.
  • Edging and Curbing – These installations lend the landscaping a very neat look and help demarcate spaces as well.
  • Planters and Garden Steps – We can also build stone planters and stone garden steps made of pavers.

Aside from these, we also build masonry features such as fireplaces and fire pits, patios, water features and decorative elements made using masonry. We ensure that all the materials used are of the best quality and that skilled experienced professionals handle this work. This adds to the durability and longevity of the masonry installations.

Custom Masonry Design

While we are highly focused on form and function we also pay a lot of attention to masonry design and make sure that any feature we install complements the design and styling of your home and the other elements in the landscaping. We work very closely with our customers and give their vision form; our objective is to provide aesthetically appealing, practical and long-lasting masonry features that will lend a very cohesive look to the outdoor areas of your home.

For excellent, customized solutions at very reasonable masonry cost, we are the company to come to. We work extremely hard to ensure that our client’s requirements are met and that they get value for money every time we handle a job for them. If you want any hardscaping installation done, feel free to call Stasi Brothers. with your project details at 613-277-4258 for Asphalt or 516-997-7283 for Paving. You can also send us these details or your queries via our online form.

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