New Construction

new construction 01New landscape constructions require significant preparation before and after structures are buildings are installed. You need to level the ground, remove obstacles, map out and install utilities, and make sure the area is ready for a construction project.

After the building is installed, owners need to add outdoor elements like driveways, walkways, lawns, and develop the landscape. At Stasi Brothers, we have worked on several new landscape construction development projects in Westbury and surrounding areas.

New Construction Landscape Planning

Commercial properties have different requirements or priorities than residential buildings. For example, a commercial office building might want to install a large, secure boundary wall to ensure their property is protected. Residential properties usually rely on iron fences and other such boundary installations. As experienced by new landscape construction contractors, we can help develop your outdoor area effectively. Here is a look at what we do:

Excavation and Drainage

If your plot is not properly graded or leveled, it will experience a lot of drainage issues. Water from rainfall and storms will pool in some areas, causing a substantial amount of damage. We offer excavation and drainage services to ensure the landscape is graded properly to allow the proper flow of water away from your property.

Pavement Installation and Markings

Every commercial property has some form of pavement that makes access easier. You may have driveways, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other such installations. These installations are either made of asphalt or concrete. As a new construction company that has been around for more than five decades, we know how to work with these materials and use them effectively. We specialize in asphalt pavement, milling, maintenance, and repair. Our experts can install concrete structures that will stand the test of time. We will also mark these surfaces with signs and ADA guidelines wherever needed.

Masonry and Hardscaping

Do you want to install masonry structures in your landscape? Our team can construct patios, retaining walls, boundary walls, and even install small structures like masonry benches and decorative elements. Our new landscape design team can handle all kinds of outdoor installations.

We are always careful with new construction projects because clients want to ensure everything is in pristine condition. These projects are presented to their customers or go on sale after we finish working on them. Our experts meticulously double-check everything to ensure everything is in order after the project is complete.

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