Stasi’s Environmental Initiatives

pic globeAt Stasi Brothers, we are committed to greener business practices. While some companies have recently jumped on the bandwagon, we have been doing our part for years. We have been taking measures to ensure that our business leaves less of a carbon footprint on the world.

  • Stasi Brothers is a proud member of the US Green Building Council, USBGC which designs and oversees all Green Building (Environmentally friendly) in the US and sets standards all over the world.
  • We recycle and use recycled materials when possible.
    • Post-consumer material comes from households or facilities that no longer want it for its intended purpose. Products such as old Belgium Block or Brick can be reused.
    • Waste material from our industrial processes and equipment can be recovered and used in other ways. What qualifies as waste in one industry might be put to valuable use in another.
    • Recycling concrete, clay, and other similar materials are difficult, but it can be done. We make sure to recycle these products which are then crushed and then reused for granular fill in roads and sidewalks.
  • We use materials from local vendors whenever possible and we also work to map our routes efficiently. That way you avoid excess transportation and environmental costs.
  • We set aside space in our yard to separate and sort out material we excavate. This allows us to dispose of waste material in the cleanest and safest way possible.
  • We install Eco-Friendly Drainage Systems that naturally release run-off into the surrounding Earth.
  • Our form agents are made of organic materials that are friendly to the environment. (Peanut Oil)
  • We’ve been updating our tools and fleet to electric dewalt saws, hybrid vehicles such as Prius’ and fully electric cars like the Tesla Model 3.
  • We are also looking into the new electric trucks and machinery equipment such as the Volvo ECR25 Electric Excavator.
  • Electric powered equipment is much cleaner and better for the environment than combustible engines.

As a responsible family business we do our part to help our other family, the Earth.

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